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Providing You with Military-Issue Gear

John's Outdoor & Military Store in Deerfield, Ohio, carries a wide range of military clothing and accessories. We also have firearms, ammunition, and other accessories like gun cases and backpacks. Our store is the perfect place for active and retired military and police officers, hunters, and mechanics.

Military Clothes

Explore the outdoors comfortably by wearing the proper attire for your trip. Our store also has a wide variety of military boots and dress shoes. The sizes for our clothing range from extra-small to extra-large. We offer the following uniforms:

Multi Camouflage (Multi-Cam) Uniforms | Army Combat Uniforms (ACU) | Woodland & Desert Camouflage Uniforms | Army Fleece Jackets | Wool Uniforms | Cold Weather & Rain Gears | Dress Uniforms | Mechanic's Coveralls

Logo T-Shirts

If you want to go for a more casual look, we also have logo t-shirts. Our shirts are made from 100% cotton. We have a wide variety of colors you can choose from. Our shirts are available in sizes ranging from medium to 3XL. The logos that we have include:

Marines | Navy | Army | Air Force | Vietnam Vets

Logo T-Shirts

Military Backpacks


Put all of your gear in one bag. We carry all kinds of military-type and multi-purpose backpacks. Some of the brands that we offer include:

Lancer Tactical™ Military-Issued Marpat Packs | Woodland™ Two-Day Assault Packs | Large Woodland Packs | Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) Ruck Packs

Gun Cases

Aside from backpacks, we have a wide variety of gun cases. We offer Bulldog™ and Lancer Tactical cases for a wide variety of sizes and makes of guns for tactical, shotguns, rifles, as well as handguns. Complete your gear with ammo cans and tactical vests.

Firearms & Ammunition

Gun enthusiasts should come to our store to stock up on quality firearms from different brands. Aside from selling firearms, we are also open to buying and trading with our customers, and we have used firearms in stock. The brands that we carry include:

Glock™ | Smith & Wesson™ | Henry™ | O.F. Mossberg & Sons™

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